The Low Density Matter beamline (LDM) is devoted to experiments involving atomic, molecular and cluster beams in combination with the photons produced by the FERMI FEL sources. The LDM beamline features a modular end-station accommodating a broad range of detectors and target sources. The combined capabilities of FERMI (high brilliance, short pulse length, variable polarization, coherence), photon transport (variable-focusing optics) and LDM endstation open a wide range of research themes for rarefied matter under extreme irradiation conditions (multiple electronic excitation, multiple ionization, Coulomb explosion, non-linear optics, dichroism, and so on). A split-and-delay line, as well as a synchronized optical laser, allows studying the ultrafast dynamics of the target system upon electronic excitation, or irradiation with a tightly focused FEL pulse. The unique characteristics of FERMI have been heavily exploited in recent experiments performed at LDM.


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