Beamline Description

Source Chamber

The TeraFERMI source chamber intercepts the spent electron beam, before entering into the main beam dump. The chamber provides the possibility to operate different CTR screens, notably squared (5x5 cm^2) Si screens coated with 1000 nm of Al, or a free standing circular Al foil (1000 nm). It is also be possible to use two Si screens separated by an adjustable gap (1-5 mm), in order to use the chamber as a Coherent Diffraction Radiation (CDR) source. The screens are oriented with a fine-tunable 45° angle, with respect to the electron beam. 

The TeraFERMI source chamber is also equipped with a YAG diagnostics screen, in order to precisely determine the electron beam position at source. A diamond window, with 20 mm clear aperture is located at 75 mm from the center of the screens. The diamond window separates the UHV of the source chamber, from the low-vacuum of the remaining part of the beamline.


The TeraFERMI source chamber is located between the multiscreen diagnostic (shown in yellow in the figure) and the beam dump (white). A sketch of the beginning of the TeraFERMI beamline is also shown in blue in the left figure.


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