Fermi Machine Description

The Photo-injector

The present photoinjector is based on the proven 1.6 cell electron gun developed at BNL/SLAC/UCLA and it was delivered by RadiaBeam Technologies  in the 2013. The FERMI photoinjector has demonstrated during the commissioning to be able to achieve the project requirements. It can produce a 10 ps long pulse with up to 1 nC charge and a rms normalized transverse emittance of 1.2 mm-mrad at 100 MeV.  However, the standard operational parameters are 700 pC with an emittance of about 1.0 mm-mrad at 100 MeV. The repetition rate is switchable between 10 Hz and 50 Hz, depending from operation requirements. Following standard layout schemes, the design includes a solenoid for emittance compensation and acceleration to 100 MeV with two S-band rf sections (LINAC 0).
An UV laser pulse (@262 nm) provides temporal and spatial bunch shaping. The same laser system provides also the optical pulse used in the Laser Heater device.
Simulations were performed using the GPT and Astra codes and indicate that the electron beam performance objectives for injection into the main linac at ~ 100 MeV are attainable. The timing and charge stability, – 0.5 ps and 1% respectively, are challenging but within present state of the art.

1.6 cell gun cavity section

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