Funded Projects

Companies can also access and develop their projects at Elettra through national and international projects. This is possible thanks to Elettra's role in the creation and coordination of national and international scientific networks, which is fundamental for being a special access point for international projects and networks for the exchange of expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Elettra is involved in the main European and international research programmes, collaborating with the most important universities and research organisations in Italy and worldwide, offering this wealth of expertise and international relations to companies.


ReMade@ARI   ReMade@ARI (REcyclable MAterials DEvelopment at Analytical Research Infrastructures) project provides scientists who are working on the design of new recyclable materials with analytical tools that enable them to explore the properties and the structure of their material in smallest details up to atomic resolution. ReMade@ARI commits to leverage the development of innovative, sustainable materials for key components in the most diverse sectors, such as electronics, batteries, vehicles, construction, packaging, plastics, textiles and food on an unprecedented level. It will be the central hub in Europe for all sectors and research areas in which new materials for a circular economy will be developed.
Industry is welcome to submit a proposal through the standard track. In addition, two industry-specific programs are available: ReMade - SME for SME companies and ReMade - IND for any industry in collaboration with a Research Technology Organisation.
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LEAPS-Innov   The increasing complexity of technology and a shorter life cycle require the photon sources to open up innovation to their partner facilities, users and industrial suppliers to promote creativity, novelty and resource efficiency. The LEAPS-INNOV pilot project will contribute to solving key technological challenges for the light sources, nearly 20 facilities in Europe, and in particular will support their newest generation - diffraction-limited storage rings and X-ray FELs. Moreover the project will give provide a dedicated SME access system to exploit the LEAPS facilities, labs, skills and expertise. 
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InCIMa4   The development and characterization of intelligent functional materials are declared goals in the project InCIMa4. Through cutting-edge basic and applied research, the project partners will contribute to SMEs’ innovation in the field of functional materials. In particular, the results of the concluded project Interreg ITAT1023 InCIMa will be put into practice and the joint research infrastructure of the involved partners will be expanded and used across borders.For SMEs located in the programme area that require the development of innovative materials or learn more about the characteristics and functionality of their materials, it is possible to carry out their own research and development project to request a test to be carried out free of charge at the InCIMa4 infrastructures.
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Logo Accelerate   ACCELERATE is a Horizon 2020 project, supporting the long-term sustainability of large scale research infrastructures (RIs) through the development of policies and legal and administrative tools for a more effective management and operation of RIs, with a special focus on ERICs and CERIC in particular. To help secure RIs’ sustainability, relevance and effectiveness, the project develops frameworks to improve the offer of tailored services to private and public entities, ensuring outreach to new scientific and industrial communities worldwide and defining common protocols for monitoring and assessing RIs’ socio-economic impact. Finally, a major focus is on capacity building to develop current and future RIs’ staff competences in the field of management, Industrial Liaison and Technology Transfer. 
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