Technology Transfer

The multidisciplinary knowledge developed at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste by its many researchers and engineers gives rise to the creation of know-how that is protected and enhanced using technology transfer tools, also aimed at promoting business innovation. This section illustrates the spin-off company, the patented and licensed technologies developed by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

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Spin-off company 

Ondulatore per Generazione Radiazione   Kyma S.p.A. was established as a joint venture consortium between the companies Cosylab, Euromisure and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, bringing together world-class expertise in ID design, measuring, mechanical manufacturing, quality control, project management and control systems.

Undulator for generating electromagnetic radiation and corresponding operating method

Ondulatore per Generazione Radiazione   The invention is applied by way of example in synchrotron rings, free electron lasers (FEL), cyclotrons, energy recovery linear accelerators (ERL) etc. The invention also concerns the corresponding operating method which allows to assemble, adjust and optimize the magnetic configuration and to use the undulator.

Patent: “Undulator for generating electromagnetic radiation and corresponding operating method”, published as EP3414978A1; ITUB20160680A1; WO2017137504A1

Device to detect particles and corresponding detection method

Dispositivo di rilevazione di particelle   The present invention refers to a particle detection device that can be installed in a detection apparatus such as an electrostatic deflection electronic analyzer, a flight time analyzer, or Time of Flight analyzer (TOF), or ARTOF, or other apparatus used for guide, deflect or focus particles and used for the study of matter in its various aggregation states: solid, liquid and gaseous. The term particles is understood to include electrons, ions, or other electrically neutral or charged particles, or photons. The present invention also relates to the method of detecting particles.

Patent: “Device to detect particles and corresponding detection method”
Published as: EP3044804A1; EP3044804B1; ES2659339T3; ITUD20130118A1; PL3044804T3; WO2015036918A1

Organic semiconductors to be used as intrinsic, direct detectors for ionizing radiations

Semiconduttori organici come rivelatori diretti di radiazioni ionizzanti   The technology relates to organic semiconductors to be used as intrinsic, direct detectors for ionizing radiations, such as X and gamma rays, neutrons, and charged particles (alpha rays, electrons, positrons, and the like), and to a method for manufacturing such intrinsic, direct detectors for ionizing radiations. The invention further relates to instruments or complex devices provided with a detector based on ,or somehow incorporating, the above detectors.
Patent: “Direct detectors for ionizing radiations, and methods for producing such detectors” 

Published as CN103842850A; EP2739992A1; EP2739992B1; US2014225094A1; WO2013017915A1

Full-Bridge converter with digital pulse modulation (DPWM) for driving a load

Convertitore a ponte intero con modulazione digitale degli impulsi (DPWM) per pilotare un carico   The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for switching power converters and DC motors for a wide range of applications which include robotics, portable electronics, sports equipment, household appliances, medical devices, automotive applications, instruments for light machines such as synchrotrons.

Patent: “Full-Bridge converter with digital pulse modulation (DPWM) for driving a load”
Published as DK2643924T3; EP2643924A2; EP2643924B1; ES2539901T3; IT1402788B1; ITPD20100352A1; PL2643924T3; SI2643924T1; US2013241514A1; US9046907B2; WO2012069512A2; WO2012069512A3


Invisible   The technology known as "Invisible" is a material, developed by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. Only when illuminated by blue radiation of a specific wavelength, produced for instance by a laser or LED, it emits light radiation with a wavelength in a spectral range that is visible to the naked eye.
This technology is protected by two patents and its exploitation is related also to the development of two methods to apply this material over objects or more in general surfaces. One of these methods is a sharp flux of ionizing radiation. With the other it can be used as a component of ink or paint.

Related Patents
  • MATERIAL IN THE FORM OF LITHIUM FLUORIDE POWDER CONTAINING COLOUR CENTRES, METHOD FOR PREPARATION AND USE THERE OF. Published as: EP2512990A2; EP2512990B1;IT1397095B1; ITPD20090376A1; US2012325112A1;US8535434B2; WO2011073399A2; WO2011073399A3
  • A METHOD FOR MARKING AN ITEM BASED ON COLOUR CENTRES. Published as EP2111342A1; EP2111342B1; ITPD20070036A1; US2010068374A1; US8389069B2; WO2008095884A1

Actual Content Resolution (ACR)

Actual Content Resolution   The Actual Content Resolution (ACR) technology is a novel, revolutionary approach to imaging. Recent research in the scientific computing laboratory of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste developed the ACR concept and an ACR-based encoding method for images that can be used for compression and other purposes such as noise filtering. The core of ACR technology is the new way to measure resolution that goes beyond the standard pixel-count found in most of the existing methods.
The ACR technology can have an impact in the broader field of Imaging and more specifically in applications related to photography, television broadcasting, satellite imaging, scientific data, and medical imaging; allowing the reduction of data storage costs and data delivery costs of digital content like photographs and videos. 

Related Patent
”Signal processing method and apparatus for implementing said method” Published as EP2786341A1; ITPD20110376A1; US2014328546A1; WO2013079516A1

Method for Quantifying chemical species in a sample by X-Ray Fluorescence

Metodo per quantificazione di specie chimiche   Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste, in the context of the research in the field of instrumentation for the analysis of X-ray fluorescence, has developed an automatic control unit that allows to collect any material on a substrate and measure the X ray fluorescence and quantify in real time particulate matter and all the chemical species (with atomic number greater than 12) present on the same substrate. Therefore, it is possible to collect particulate matters, analyze automatically and in real time their composition and metals in the periodic table, starting from aluminium. This tool provides the possibility to perform investigations on in line production or even on raw materials instantaneously overcoming the limits of sample quality control normally used. Potential applications in the interested of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste are foreseen in the field of "Air quality monitoring", with particular reference to the compliance of production practices with regulation concerning the protection of human and environment.

Related Patents: “Method for Quantifying chemical species in a sample by X-Ray Fluorescence”
Published as EP2850419A1; ITPD20120159A1; WO2013171716A1


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