Optimization of formulation and manufacturing conditions for the efficient development of coated tablets

compresse rivestiteCoating of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms is considered a key part in pharmaceutical production. The most important functions of tablet coatings are protection of tablet core, containing the active pharmaceutical ingredients, and control of drug dissolution properties (which may involve rapid, timed, or sustained release). Manufacturing conditions during the coating process can affect the performance of coatings by inducing alterations in their thickness, structural uniformity, and defects.

Inspections of coatings’ thickness are necessary to guarantee quality standard. However, they are not trivial to perform.

Elettra’s contribution
Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy provides a suitable analytical tool to perform a non-destructive evaluation of tablet coating thickness, measuring the time delay between the signal from the surface and the signal from the coating-core interface. The direct measure of the thickness of the coating layer of the tablet obtained by means of ThZ allows to monitor the coating process and to evaluate the success of scale-up.

Facility: TeraFERMI Beamline.



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