Elettra Call for Proposals

Submit your experimental report!

According to Sincrotrone Trieste policy, if you have already performed measurements at Elettra you must insert the achievements and the experimental report in the appropriate fields. Failing to do so will prevent you from submitting further proposals!
A publications database is available at: http://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/pls/vuo/publi_mgr.startup Please check number and contents of all publications and submit the missing ones. Please note that the experimental report and previous publications will be considered in the evaluation of your proposal.

Long term proposals

Elettra accepts a limited number of long term proposals. Read more

New: Elettra-CNR proposals

An Elettra-CNR proposal is part of a CNR project, performed in collaboration with Elettra.
Such proposals will be evaluated by the Elettra-CNR Bilateral Committee and then, in case of approval, by the Elettra Peer Review Panel. Proponents will have to tick the box “Elettra-CNR proposal” in the VUO Proposal Submission Form. They will have to insert all the CNR and Elettra participants in the List of Participants and they will have to indicate how many semesters are necessary to complete the research (max 4 semesters are allowed).

Guidelines for proposals evaluation

Access to Elettra beamlines is provided to scientists on the basis of the scientific merit of experimental proposals. More

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