Network connection


ST GuestNet is the network dedicated to users who need access for a limited period of time (one day, one week, one month) and will seldom use our data network as 'guests'. As a user, you can request access to the GuestNet checking the box "Access to Wi-Fi on Elettra Campus" in your access request. You will receive an email wth  subject "STGN Connection request - ENABLED" having your username and password. You will need it to connect your device once you arrive here. If you lost this email, you can require a reminder writing to the

For longer periods (collaborators and partners) it is necessary to request a connection for the Elettra WiFi.


If you forgot to check the box during your access request, or you changed your mind, you can still request a temporary connection. However, consider that approval of your request make take some time, depending on the work load of that time period as your form will be sent to the Users' Office for evaluation. Read more.
You can also use the "Eduroam" connection, using your Home Institution credentials: no further requests are needed.




Last Updated on Friday, 09 February 2018 12:12