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The Canteen is located in building Q. Lunch is served Mon-Fri from 12.00 to 14.30.
Users can pay cash or with card at the bar counter before queuing for their lunch.
The Bar is located next to the Canteen. It is open Mon - Fri from 08.00 to 18.30.
In the bar you may  find the new "Market" display window, with a variety of ready made dishes 
ranging from first course to dessert. 
Packed lunches are available. Orders must be submitted via the attached form before 10:30 a.m. directly at the bar, or via
e-mail to . 
The daily menu is visible at the bar.

Dining Room and Vending Machines

A dining room is located in building T2 basement floor room 51-52. It features vending machines for snacks, drinks and coffee, a refrigerator,
a water dispenser, two microwave ovens, a few dining tables and a mini reading corner.
Vending machines with hot & cold drinks and light snacks may also be found:

  • in the FERMI Linac Building (FL) ground floor room 27
  • in the FERMI trailer (EP) ground floor room 5
  • in the FERMI Experimental Hall (SF) lower ground floor room 08

Internet Connection

When submitting the Access Request, users may ask for the ST Guest Net connection, using the specific check box.
The users will then be automatically notified by e-mail with id and password; if you do not receive the e-mail, please check your SPAM folder.
You can also use the "Eduroam" connection, using your Home Institution credentials: no further requests are needed.


The library is located on the ground floor of the Building T2; it is accessible 24 hours a day by using a personal identification entrance badge.


The ATM machine is located in building T2 (main entrance, ground floor, near the Vending machine room).
Available 24-7.
It allows cash withdrawals using most ATM and Credit Cards

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