How to upgrade from Elettra Calendar to MARCoNI-Z Calendar

Within the migration of the email collaboration platform from MARCoNI to MARCoNI-Z it's needed to move from the Elettra Collaboration Calendar (based on SOGo) to the new MARCoNI-Z Calendar (based on Zimbra). 
Since it's not possible to migrate all the existing calendars between the two systems, instructions on how to perform this move are given here.

Exporting a calendar from the Elettra Collaboration Calendar

You can export any calendars to iCal format (.ics extension).
Here follow the exact procedure related to the Elettra Collaboration Calendar.
  1. Login with your UniPass account to

  2. Right click on the calendar you want to export and select "Export Calendar..."

  3. Save the .ics file onto your computer

Importing a calendar to the MARCoNI-Z Calendar

You can import iCalendars (iCal) calendars that are saved in the .ics format. iCalendars are the standard for calendar data exchange over the Internet, and .ics is the standard format for iCalendar information. Import is available from your Preferences Import/Export tab.
  1. Login with your UniPass account to MARCoNI-Z.

  2. Go to Preferences>Import/Export.

  3. In the Import section File field, browse to locate the calendar .ics file to import and confirm.

  4. Select the destination for this file, usually by clicking the "Calendar" button close to the "Destination" label.
    Then create a new calendar (button "New") to import the file. Click "OK".

  5. Click "Import".

  6. Click "OK".

  7. If this calendar was originally shared to other people, it is necessary to set the sharings again.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 March 2019 12:54