Migration to MARCoNI-Z

MARCoNI, the Mail And Remote Communication Non-Interruptable is serving Elettra since 2001. In late 2017 it was decided that it had done enough and that a new era would have started in 2018. Indeed, by the end of the year MARCoNI-Z will be the new, more powerful, system to bring us email and communication (instant messages, videocalls, calendar, etc.)

MARCoNI was based on the closed-source, commercial, CommuniGate Pro system, MARCoNI-Z on the open-source, commercially-supported Zimbra product.

Migration process

During December 12 and 13 all the @elettra.eu accounts will be moved to MARCoNI-Z automatically. E-mails will be copied from server to server beforehand and then the new system "elected" to manage all the new email. Address Book and Incoming Rules (including "Redirect to" and "Vacation messages") won't be moved: in case such tools are used, it will be necessary  to export and import these data manually. Please note that any existing Redirect will be disabled during the migration.

No other manual change should be performed by end users. In particular:
  • MARCoNI webmail at https://mail.elettra.eu will be served by the new system. The layout will be new and more efficient and user friendly then the old ones based on HTML, HTML5 (hPronto) or the old Flash (Pronto4);
  • client access via Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or other POP/IMAP clients (including mobile ones running Android and iOS) will be transparent. The new servers will take the place of the old ones. E-mail clients will just need to refresh and incrementally re-download the cached emails. This process should be performed without any problems. However, it could happen that the email client's configuration could break and the program would not respond and crash. In this case, please file a IT ticket ("Richiesta intervento IT) through the VUO under the "E-mail" category and ICTSS will give prompt assistance.

Beware of e-mail clients configuration parameters!!!

The new system requires correct definition of e-mail clients configuration (SMTP, IMAP, POP3) as described at:

Where are the mails I've sent before the migration?

Depending on former MARCoNI configurations, sent messages were stored into different folders.
All those folders have been moved to MARCoNI-Z, where Zimbra stores sent mails only into the "Sent" folder.
If you can't find the sent messages you were used to access in MARCoNI, just have a look in "Sent Items" or "Sent Messages" folders. Be aware that the folder list is alphabetically ordered.
The messages you will find there can hence be moved to the "Sent" folder, to unify the location.
Messages generated by other e-mail clients can still go to the above mentioned different folders. As an example, Apple Mail saves sent mails into the "Sent Messages" folder.

e-mail addresses and aliases

Years ago some accounts had some additional aliases, e.g. name.surname@elettra.eu possibly had surname.name@elettra.eu and surnamen@elettra.eu. In order to avoid confusion in names and reduce incoming spam, after the migration these kind of aliases are removed.

Mailing lists management

All the mailing lists that are managed by single users will be migrated later on. In the meantime to update the list of subscribers of any mailing list its manager will need to access the old MARCoNI webmail via the URL https://oldmail.elettra.eu. Please note that an "invalid certificate" warning will be displayed: to proceed you will need to force the browser to accept this as an exeption.


Use of email tags or "colours" in Apple Mail or Thunderbird

During the migration process any existing flags, tags or colours set in email clients like Apple Mail or Thunderbird will be reset. This means that any manual "classification" or special uses (like Apple Mail's Flagged Folders of Thunderbird Saved Search Folders) will need to be configured again after the upgrade.
If this feature is extremely important and its missing will be considered a severe issue, please contact the ICTSS team..

How to import MARCoNI abbress book on MARCoNI-Z?

Connect to MARCoNI by https://oldmail.elettra.eu using you credential. Export yours contacts by Item "Export VCard 2.1 Data" into "Address Book"-> "Contact Settings"  pages.
The created file is in vcard format, to import into MARCoNI-Z you must convert it into csv format; then import the file using "Import" menu that you can find as preference items when you are logged into MARCoNI-Z web site .
To convert the address book from vcard format to csv format you can use Thunderbird application.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 December 2018 15:17