Beamline Description


The photons dispersion system is based on the Padmore VASGM (Variable Angle Spherical Grating Monochromator) scheme and it includes four different interchangeable spherical gratings. The first three gratings guarantee resolving powers of 20000-6000, 20000-6000 and 15000-5000 in the energy ranges 35-200 eV, 200-500 eV and 500-1600 eV respectively.


Grating Optimized Energy Range Resolving Power Flux with slits at 10  mm (high resolution)
SG1 44 eV-349 eV (35 eV-42 eV available under special request) high resolving power: 20000-6000 flux>1012 ph/s
SG2 158 eV-597 eV high resolving power: 20000-6000 flux>1010 ph/s
SG3 491 eV-1600 eV high resolving power: 15000-5000 flux>1010 ph/s
SG4 301 eV-1600 eV medium resolving power: 10000-2000 flux>1011 ph/s


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