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Optical constants of Sr thin films

  Extinction coefficient of Sr compared with literature data

The optical constants n and k of strontium (Sr) films were obtained in situ in the 6–1220−eV range from transmittance measurements performed at room temperature. Strontium films were deposited onto 5nm thick carbon films supported onto different grids. The refractive index n was obtained with KK analysis over an extended spectral range. Experimental data show that Sr is a promising candidate for transmittance filters and reflective multilayers in the EUV range. Presented in: Transmittance and optical constants of Sr films in the 6–1220 eV spectral range,
Luis Rodrıguez-de Marcos, Juan I. Larruquert, Josè A. Aznarez, Manuela Vidal-Dasilva, Sergio Garcıa-Cortes, Josè A.Mendez, Luca Poletto, Fabio Frassetto, A. Marco Malvezzi, Daniele Bajoni, Angelo Giglia, Nicola Mahne and Stefano Nannarone, J. Appl. Phys., 111353-1-7 (2012)



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