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Data analysis and storage

Data analysis

A rough data analysis can be done during the experiment. A simple executable program 'load files' allows to load the different kinds of files and to plot them. We have also available for users a IGOR procedure 'Beardatanew' for loading general BEAR data files. For photon energy time scan we have also available another IGOR procedure named 'Photon Energy time scan'. Users are strongly encouraged to use the beamline logbook and to write carefully all the used procedures and the events during the experiment. For a finer data analysis, we have also available an indigeneous code named OPAL (Optical Properties of anisotropic layers).  

Data storage and transfer

The data are stored in the two BEAR acquisition computers PC-BEAR10 and PC-BEAR6. After the beamtime, the data are backed on our hard disks and can be requestedBut the suggested procedure to access the data is to create a project in the Elettra Scientific Computing Portal, that is accessible also outside Elettra. We suggest also to hold inside your project all the digital data related to the experiment, as the copies of the logbook and the first data analyis. The procedure for the creation and use of your project is given below

Creation of the Project associated to the experiment (on your PC)

 1. Enter the Elettra website dedicated to the data sharing Scientific Computing Portal  with login and password of VUO (if forgotten, VUO username and password can be asked at;
2. Enter the Project Manager, show the project list and create a new project having the name of the proposal number and associated to the Beamline BEAR;

Data Upload (on the PCs dedicated to data storage PC-BEAR10 and PC-BEAR6)

3. compress to ZIP format (command « Add to archive ») the directory  related to your experiment \C:\Data\name_month year so to create the \C\Data\name_month file;
4. Enter into your Project in the Scientific Computing Portal, and upload the zip file (green button);  

Data Download (on your PC)

5.  Enter into your Project in the Scientific Computing Portal, and click on Download File: this operation updates the data transferred from the data sharing website to the user’s PC.

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