Magnetic materials 


Collaboration with the Laboratory Oxide-MBE IOM-CNR (B. Davidson, A. Petrov, A. Verna) and the Laboratoire de Chimie Physique Univ. Paris - CNRs (P. Jonnard, J.M. Andrè and K. Le Guen)

Synchrotron  radiation experiments are helpful to investigate  the electronic and magnetic properties of materials. Reflectivity from Circular Polarization light is a technique sensitive to the magnetic state of Multilayer systems and their interfaces. The  interface properties can be probed with atomic cell resolution (interference effects in reflected radiation). This kind of measurements allows to determine the dielectric tensor of each layer, contains all the information on the electric and magnetic properties of the material. The determination of the magnetization profile can be done with a fitting procedure. An important class of materials are manganite based colossal magnetoresistance devices, which require a high control of the growth process, in particular the crystalline structure and stochiometry, high quality heterostructure, metallic characteristics well above Curie Temperature.

 Dichroic reflectivity at Mn L2,3


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