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Conformational Effects in Photoelectron Circular Dichroism of Alaninol

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User Area


Proposal Submission

We invite users and collabrators to discuss thier proposals with the beamline local contacts well in advance before the submission deadline. This is crucial for a careful assesment of the experiment feasibility and may lead to improvements in the proposed experimental plan. In a restricted number of cases, when doubts arise about the suitability of your samples or the planned measurements are too close to the microscope resolution limit, it may be possible for you to arrange a test. Our website provides a wealth of informaiton on experiment feasibilty and proposal submission. For more info, please vist the user info section.

Call for proposals

The next deadline for proposal submission for beamtime allocation from January 1 to June 31, 2012 will be Septenber 15th, 2011 at 4:30 pm (MET). All proposals requiring XPEEM will be performed with the SPELEEM microscope.


DIPROI microscope

The DiProI end-station to be installed at FERMI@Elettra has undergone commissioning tests using partially coherent synchrotron light at the Nanospectroscopy beamline. A thoruogh description of this microscope has been recently published in the Reveiw of Scientific Instruments. Read article

High pressure chamber for SPELEEM

Starting from 2012, a new high pressure chamber will be available for experiments, thanks to a project in collaboration with Prof. Mike Altman (Hong Kong University of Science and technology) and Prof. Ernst Bauer (Arizona state University). Further details will be available in October 2011.

Second branchline

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