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  1. 2D-Coordination Polymers Based on Rare-Earth Propionates of Layered Topology Demonstrate Polytypism and Controllable Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Phase Transitions
    Kendin M., Tsymbarenko D.
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    Wahab H.
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020)
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  7. Effect of red mud added to zeolite LTA synthesis: Where is Fe in the newly-formed material?
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  13. High-Temperature Structural and Electrical Properties of BaLnCo2O6 Positrodes
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    Abouzeid R.E., Khiari R., Salama A., Diab M., Beneventi D., Dufresne A.
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  19. Lattice Compensation to Jahn-Teller Distortion in Na-rich Manganese Hexacyanoferrate for Li-ion Storage: An Operando Study
    Mullaliu A., Gaboardi M., Plaisier J.R., Passerini S., Giorgetti M.
    ACS Appl. Energy Mater. (2020)
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    Martucci A., Gigli L., Plaisier J.R.
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  22. Near 5% DMSO is the best: A structural investigation of PEDOT: PSS thin films with strong emphasis on surface and interface for hybrid solar cell
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  23. New EuIII Pyromellitic Metal–Organic Framework of Intense Red-Orange Luminescence and High Thermal Stability for Marking in Gunshot Residues
    Júnior Júlio C. A., dos Santos G.L., Colaço Marcos V., Barroso Regina C., Ferreira F.F., dos Santos M.V., de Campos N.R., Marinho M.V., Jesus L.T., Freire R.O., Marques Lippy F.
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  25. On the microstructure and superelastic evolution of laser annealed thin NiTinol wires
    Carlo Alberto Biffi , Mauro Coduri , Ausonio Tuissi
    Smart Materials and Structures (2020)
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  26. Re-examining the nature of ordering in CaMnO2 : The role of Mn-O covalency in the local structure
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  27. Spectroscopic Characterization of Urinary Stones Richening with Calcium Oxalate
    Shaltout Abdallah A., Dabi Maram M., Ahmed Sameh I., Al-Ghamdi Ahmed S., Elnagar Essam, Seoudi Roshdi
    Biological Trace Element Research (2020)
    doi: 10.1007/s12011-020-02424-0 (Journal Article)
  28. Structural evolution of disordered LiCo1/3Fe1/3Mn1/3PO4 in lithium batteries uncovered
    Muñoz-García A.B., Tirri B., Capone I., Matic A., Pavone M., Brutti S.
    J. Mater. Chem. A (2020)
    doi: 10.1039/D0TA05350C (Journal Article)
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    Heiba Z.K., Mohamed M.B.
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  30. Structure and Elastic Properties of an Unsymmetrical Bi-Heterocyclic Azo Compound in the Langmuir Monolayer and Langmuir–Blodgett Film
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  35. Titania-Coated Alumina Foam Photocatalyst for Memantine Degradation Derived by Replica Method and Sol-Gel Reaction
    Švagelj Z., Mandic V., Ćurković L., Biošić M., Žmak I., Gaboardi M.
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    Saifuddin M., Mukhopadhyay M., Biswas A., Gigli L., Plaisier J.R., Hazra S.
    J. Mater. Chem. C (2020)
    doi: 10.1039/D0TC02031A (Journal Article)


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