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  1. Application of nuclear analytical techniques to assess air quality in Indonesia
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  3. Ge Quantum Dots Coated with Metal Shells (Al, Ta, and Ti) Embedded in Alumina Thin Films for Solar Energy Conversion
    Basioli Lovro, Sancho Parramon Jordi, Despoja Vito, Faziniċ Stjepko, Bogdanović Radović Iva, Božićević Mihalić Iva, Salamon Krešimir, Nekić Nikolina, Ivanda Mile, Dražić Goran, Bernstorff Sigrid, Aquilanti Giuliana, Micetic Maja
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  4. IAEA Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory: Support to IAEA Member States and Recent Developments
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  6. Transition metal chromophores in glass beads of the classical and Hellenistic period: Bonding environment and colouring role
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