X-Ray Fluorescence

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Welcome to the X-Ray Fluorescence beamline!

X-Ray Fluorescence is a highly versatile beamline developed by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and operated in partnership with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The tuneable X-ray beam, coupled with the high resolving power of the crystal monochromators and with the motorised stages for sample and detectors movement, offers the synergistic application of XRF, XRR, and XAFS techniques in several geometries.

The beamline operates in the energy range 2 - 14 keV with small spectral bandwidth (Si(111), InSb crystals) or in the 0.7 - 14 keV with high flux (multilayers). 

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Users Area

Call for proposals: next deadline to be announced

Proposal Submission

Collaborators and users are invited to contact the beamtime scientists well in advance of the proposal submission deadline to discuss their proposals. This is crucial to ensure the feasibility of their experiments and a clear assessment of the technical requirements. In some cases, feasibility tests can be organized. 
For more information, please check the XRF beamline specifications or the User Area.

Proposals may be submitted either via the Elettra Virtual User Office, or via the Way for Light portal.

Did you know?

Users from developing countries can benefit from IAEA technical support (proposal writing, data acquisition and analysis) for further information visit: www.iaea.org



New instrument under commissioning...

March 2023 -  Something new has been installed on the experimental end station and it is currenlty under commisioning. Further information will follow soon: stay tuned!

X-ray Standing Waves

June 2022 - The XRF beamlines has undergone a major upgrade: now EXAFS scans can be carried out at constant q, exploiting X-ray Standing Waves and providing the additional advantage of depth sensitivity to the elemental selectivity of XAS!

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