Insufficient beamline water cooling

If the prefocusing mirror, entrance slit and/or monochromator are not cooled by a sufficient water flow, the beamline interlocks automatically close the electropneumatic valve 1, in order to prevent their overheating caused due to intense photon beam. If this happens, check the webpage Water system in BCS. You can also physically check the 3 flow meters situated:
  • in the radioprotection hutch where the prefocusing mirror is located (a special key 061 FE number 14 must be picked from keysafe distribution panel by an authorized person; SYRMEP beamline must also close their valve to unlock the door),
  • on the pillar next to the entrance slit chamber, and
  • on the pillar next to the monochromator chamber.cooling water flowmeter
There are three possible water levels indicated:
  • normal flux: above the upper mark - no action needed;
  • no much flux: between both marks - warning, operating the beamline is possible but due to fluctuations occasional dropouts may occur, it is recommended to open the corresponding valve more;
  • no flux: below the lower mark - opening the corresponding valve is necessary.
Last Updated on Thursday, 09 March 2023 10:55