Prefocus (MSB-SLAVE)

In brief

The software is running on the MSB-SLAVE computer and it controls the position and angles of the prefocusing mirror. The most important movements are:
  • J1 (vertical direction; roll) to be set to the maximum intensity passing through the entrance slit (because it is horizontal).
  • J2 (horizontal direction; pitch) to be set to put the photon beam to the center of the exit slit (best alignment of the whole beamline).
The positions are set using the Command line using the syntax move j1 value or move j2 value followed by Enter or Send button.

If the movement gets blocked click on Stop button.

If the MSB-SLAVE computer is stuck reboot it by reset button. The Prefocus software will start automatically after the reboot.

For instructions see Setting the beam position.

Further details

Originally this software controlled both prefocusing mirror and monochromator, i.e. the whole beamline, therefore some of the features are not active anymore (PM/PG and related).

Other controlled movements of the prefocusing mirror are Z1/Z2 (heights) and PAL/PAU (polarization apertures lower/upper). The command syntax is the same as for J1/J2.

All movements of the prefocusing mirror are controlled by servomotors and the position reported in the Prefocus software comes from the incremental rotary encoders (IRC305 manufactured by LARM). Moreover, each movement has 3 optical sensors defining 2 end stops (limits) and 1 reference mark. Status is as following:
  • red color: encoder failure
  • L/H: movement is at low//high limit
  • –/R: movement is below/above the reference mark
  • percentage of the maximum power on the motor
The software accepts commands from the MSB-MASTER computer via serial port. Therefore all commands can be send also from Kleopatra console or PrefocusConsole in the Kleopatra sofware. This communication is visible in Serial connection input/output fields.

Lists of all accepted commands can be downloaded here for local console and remote console.
Last Updated on Thursday, 21 April 2022 11:21