Kleopatra (MSB-MASTER)


In brief

Kleopatra running on the MSB-MASTER computer is handling the communication between the beamline and the end station. The most important user operations are highlighted in the screenshot above, namely opening and closing the electropneumatic valves, setting the photon energy and reading the mesh current.

Further details

Kleopatra is the central control software of the beamline, as can be seen in the following schemes:

communication scheme

The layout of the main Kleopatra window is shown here:


Connect and Disconnect buttons handle the connection to all other programs listed in the scheme. Scans button will be described below. MonoConsole and PrefocusConsole provide consoles for communication with the monochromator (MONO Server on the MSB-MONO computer) and prefocusing mirror (Prefocus software on the MSB-SLAVE computer), respectively. ComServerLog and TcpServerLog show communication with SpecsLab2 and KolXPD, both on the MSB-STATION computer.

The Prefocus section of Kleopatra shows the J1 (roll) and J2 (pitch) positions of the prefocusing mirror. AutoRoll button provides a procedure for automatic setting of J1 (roll) to the maximum of the photon flux, as described in Setting the beam position.

Kleopatra console section provides a simple console for basic commands for all related instruments. Kleopatra automatically forwards the command to the correct software and shows its Answer. The commands are:

parameter get value set value software note
time gettime Kleopatra MSB-MASTER computer time
J1 getj1 move j1 value Prefocus
(+ other
prefocus roll
J2 getj2 move j2 value prefocus pitch
PAU getpau move pau value prefocus polarization aperture upper
PAL getpal move pal value prefocus polarization aperture lower
Z1 getz1 move z1 value prefocus height 1
Z2 getz2 move z2 value prefocus height 2
state getstate MONO Server monochromator status
energy getenergy setenergy value monochromator energy
cff getcff setcff value monochromator cff
PM getpm setpm value monochromator plane mirror
PG getpg setpg value monochromator plane grating
mc getmc Mesh Monitor mesh current
p1 getp1 BCS shutter pressure
p2 getp2 prefocus presure
p3 getp3 monochromator pressure
p4 getp4 analysis chamber pressure

The SnapShots section of Kleopatra allows to log the parameters from the table above into the selected File, either on each press of the Make SnapShot button or Cyclically with the time period set in the .ini file.

All features related to the monochromator are in the Energy section. Namely Nominal Cff (which will be used for tuning), real Cff (calculated from the position of PM and PG), actual photon energy, position of PM and PG in microradians and counts on the encoders, status of the PM and PG axes (still/moving, reaching forward/reverse limit switches, position at the index mark and collision of PM with PG detected by the collision switch). Below one can refresh the values from the MONO Server software (Reload once or Cyclical reload), Copy the actual positions of energy, PM and PG into the corresponding fields, move the monochromator to the chosen position (setEnergy for both PM and PG, setPM or setPG) and STOP all movements in the case of wrong or risky setting.

The MeshMonitor section contains the measured or averaged outputs of the 8 channels of the A/D converter card (numbered 0 to 7) provided by the Mesh Monitor software. Mesh current (mc) from channel 2 is shown with larger font. Doubleclick on this field will maximize the view of photon energy, mc and information from the BCS.

In the BCS Info section some of the parameters from the BCS are shown, refreshed every 40 seconds. Namely the status of the 10 electropneumatic valves of the front-end and of the beamline, storage ring electron beam current, energy and lifetime, and the 4 pressures p1-p4 from the table above. Hovering above any item will display its description. Doubleclick will open the corresponding subpage of BCS, in the case of valves with the possibility to open/close them.

valve status

Color coding of the valves

valve open valve open and can be closed
valve closed valve closed and can be open
valve interlocked valve closed and cannot be open because of control room interlock
valve unknown status unknown (wait for information to be refreshed) or BCS failure

Color coding of other items

  • green: normal operation
  • yellow: warning but still safe
  • red: failure or risk
  • blue: communication error, and therefore status unknown

The bottom line of Kleopatra shows status of the connected services and their communication.


Kleopatra Scans

This feature allows to perform a time-, energy-, PM-, PG-, PAU-, PAL-, J1-, J2-, Z1- or Z2 scan of the 8 channels of the A/D converter card (averaged over 200 ms or 1 s time) while logging also some other parameters obtained from BCS. Range From - To, Step and Pause after each acquired data point can be set. The selected parameters are Shown in the graph below. All parameters are automatically saved in the folder D:\Users\Libra\Mono\Kleopatra\Scans under a filename containg the actual date and time. Typically it is used for an energy scan of the photon flux measured by a photodiode, see the result.

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