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The electrodynamics of graphite at high pressures

We have employed infrared reflectivity to observe for the first time a very significant pressure-dependent enhancement of the graphite conductivity, and explain this phenomenon through Density Functional Theory calculations.

A. Perucchi et al., Phys. Rev. B 86, 035114 (2012)

Thanks to the discovery of graphene, also the research on its "real-world" analogue graphite, took momentum. Interestingly, many of the new
phenomena discovered in graphene,such as the universal conductance properties, have been found to be present in graphite as well. Understanding the transition from graphene to graphite is therefore of the uttermost importance. We employ pressure to tune the interlayer interaction in graphite. While the universal conductance is found to be robust against pressure application, infrared reflectivity unveils a very significant pressure dependent  enhancement of the graphite conductivity. The peculiar mechanism underlying such remarkable increase in the number of charge carriers, is explained through Density Functional Theory calculations,and may be common to other semi-metal and layered compounds.

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Universal conductivity and the electrodynamics of graphite at high pressures;
A. Perucchi et al.
Phys. Rev. B 86, 035114 (2012)



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