General Properties
Beamline Energy Resolution40 [meV] @ 400 [eV]
180 [meV] @ 900 [eV]
Beamline Resolving Power1 * 104 [deltaE/E] @ 400 [eV]
5 * 103 [deltaE/E] @ 900 [eV]
Beamline Energy Range90 - 1800 [eV]
Max Flux On Sample1 * 1013 [ph/s] @ 200 [eV]
1 * 1012 [ph/s] @ 400 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor100 - 150 [um]
Spot Size On Sample Vert5 - 100 [um]
Angle Of Incidence Light On Sample Value20 - 90 [degrees]
Control And Data Analysis
Control Software TypeLabView based software.
Data Output TypeSpectra File and Parameter File with Analyzer Settings, Temperature, Pressure, Photon Energy, Reference Current, Sample Polar and Azimuthal Angles, Custom Readings on request.
Data Output FormatIgor format, ASCII format if requested by the user.
Softwares For Data AnalysisCommercial Igor software.

Photon Sources

2 section Kyma Linear Planar Undulator

Available PolarizationLinear horizontal
Source Spectral Brightness1 * 1019 [ph/s/mrad^2/mm^2] @ 200 [eV]
Energy Range95 - 1800 [eV]
Number Of Periods98
Period46 [mm]



Energy Range85 - 1800 [eV]
TypePlane Grating Mirror (PGM)
Resolving Power5 * 103 [E/deltaE] @ 900 [eV]
1 * 104 [E/deltaE] @ 400 [eV]
Number Of Gratings2
Grating Typelaminar grating - 1220 lines/mm
blaze grating - 1220 lines/mm
Pre-focusing Mirror TypeCylindrical
Refocusing Mirror TypeEllipsoidal

Endstations or Setup

SuperESCA Main

SpectrometerHemispherical Electron Energy Analyzer SPECS Phoibos 150:
- mean radius 150 mm
- energy resolution < 5 meV
- acceptance angle up to ±13°
- home made 1D delay line detector
Base Pressure8 * 10-11 [mbar]
Detectors Available1D Delay Line Detector
Endstation OperativeYes
Sample TypeCrystal, Amorphous
Other Sample TypeNanostructured samples
Mounting TypeCustom mounting plate or modified CTPO sample holder
Required Sample SizeX = 9 [mm], Y = 9 [mm], Z = 1 [mm]
Techniques usage
Absorption / NEXAFSAbsorption spectra are measured in Auger yield.
By changing sample orientation, the angle between the electric field E of the polarized light and and the normal to the sample surface can be varied in the range from 20 to 90 degrees.
Photoelectron emission / Angular Resolved PESThe technique is available if the modified CTPO manipulator is used, which allows software controlled angular movements of the samples.
Photoelectron emission / Photoelectron diffractionCore level intensity is measured as a function of polar and azimuthal emission angles. The technique is available if the modified CTPO manipulator is used, which allows software controlled angular movements of the samples.
Photoelectron emission / Time-resolved studiesFast XPS allows monitoring the evolution of core level spectra (typical acquisition time between 4 and 10 seconds per spectrum), e.g. while exposing the sample to gases or during an annealing.
Manipulator or Sample stage
Degrees Of Freedom5
Positioning PrecisionX = 20 [um], Y = 20 [um], Z = 500 [um]
Range Of MovementX = 25 [mm], Y = 25 [mm], Z = 500 [mm]

Sample Holders
Custom sample holder
TypeThe custom sample plate is designed for mounting samples on the LHe cyrostat.
DescriptionThe LHe cryostat, combine with radiative or electron bombardment heating, allows stabilizing the sample temperature in the range between 15 K (80 K if liquid nitrogen is used) and 1500 K .
Only polar angle rotations are allowed.
Sample transfer is not possible.

Modified CTPO holder
TypeSample holder for the modified CTPO manipulator devoted to angular resolved measurements.
DescriptionThe sample holder allows radiative sample heating between 300 and 1100 K.
Polar and azimuthal rotations are possible.
The systems allows sample exchange by means of a fast entry lock.


1D Delay Line Detector

TypeMicrochannel Plate based delay line detector.
DescriptionIn house developed 1 dimensional delay line detector.
The detector is mounted on the SPECS Phoibos 150 electron spectrometer.
Pixel SizeX = 100 [um]
Array SizeX = 800 [pixel]
Passive or Active (Electronics)Active
Output Readout SoftwareLabView based home developed software
Detected ParticleElectron

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