Beamline Description



- a 16-bit water cooled CCD camera, 2048x2048 pixels2, 14 µm pixel size with different optics;
- a 12/16 bit CCD camera 4008x2672 pixels2, 4.5 µm pixel size (PSF of the order of 13 µm);
- a 16 bit air cooled CCD camera, 2048x2048 pixels2, pixel size variable from 1.05 µm to 6.5 µm;
- medical screen-film systems (about 35 µm average resolution);
- photostimulable plates (Imaging Plate reader FLA7000 by Fuji, 25 µm maximum reader resolution);

Available setup

- High-resolution traslators and cradles for remote control movements;
- Sliding rail for PHase-Contrast (PHC)imaging (distance from sample to CCD range from 3cm up to 180 cm);
- Micro-positioning stage (+/-0.05um resolution/bidirectional repeatability);
- Bragg Magnifier;
- X-Ray diffraction Topography (XRT);
- Cooling stage for microtomography;
- Environmentally Controlled System for Hygroscopic Samples;
- a Laue camera;

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