XRD2 Info for Users

SynchWeb - "Downstream Processing" section: automated phasing attempts!

Automated phasing pipelines are launched as soon as data are collected: you can have a free quick Molecular Replacement (Dimple) run if you upload proteins details in the "Proteins" section of your experiment:

Protein acronim is the bare minimum information needed upon protein creation and this is enough to associate samples to Unipucks in the "Add container" section:
Molecular Replacement (Dimple) pipeline needs a model that will be fetched from the latest PDB code or the latest custom model (pdb format) uploaded:
An example of a succesful run looks like this - maps, model and output files are available from the corresponding buttons:

The "Map / Model Viewer" button gives you access to an interactive viewer (based on Uglymol). Interface shortcuts are summarized here:

Software used at the beamline

XRD2 data collection, management and analysis systems use code from: MXCuBE3, Braggy, CCP4 Suite, Phenix Suite, SHELX Suite, PLATON, Coot, ADXV, XDS, autoPROC, Fast DP, SynchWeb, ISPyB.
Please refer to the specific software web pages for licensing issues.
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