The SCW (super conducting wiggler) has been reinstalled (after getting refurbished at BINP) and tested in June/July 2013 to be used as a source for hard x-ray photons for the XRD II beam line in 2015. A pair of scrapers is already installed after the wiggler to create a preferential beam loss point and to protect thus the SCW from quenching due to any accidental loss of the beam on its vacuum chamber.

8th corrector


In 2012 the first working prototype of the 8th corrector was installed and succesfully tested and in use by SYRMEP. In 2013 two more were installed and used by XAFS and MCX. Three more are planned to be installed in 2014 and the 2 remaining in 2015.

Abient tmperaure stabilization


Ambient temperature stabilization should be maintained and improved. The ambient temperature was oscillating occasionally at a max of about ± 4 degree Celsius seems that it may be fixed during 2015.

Normal user operation

In 2015 Elettra will be operated from the common control room in the FERMI linac building also for machine development. Still the old Elettra control room will remain operative for the start ups, maintemance,special experiments that require proximity with the service areas and when FERMI is in shutdown.

Beam dump detector

The “beam dump” detector that enables the fast and accurate diagnosis of a beam dump, successfully tested in 2014, willbecome part of the control system. At the same time the beam emittance measurements device should give itas first results.
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