Radio Frequency System

The booster RF power source is a 60 kW klystron transmitter. A 50 ohm 6 1∕8” EIA rigid coaxial line run feeds the five cells resonant cavity (DORIS type). A high power circulator shields the transmitter from any reflected power. Frequency, amplitude and phase feedback loops keeps the proper accelerating voltage along the cavity.
At the repetition rate of 2 Hz, the electromagnetic field level in the cavity is raised in a linear ramp from the low voltage, 40 kVolt to the high one, 600 kVolt.
The ramp’s timing depends on the electron beam energy: the low 40 kVolt is the minimum field level obtainable in the cavity and it is required to capture the beam at the booster injection. Once the beam is captured, this field shall be raised to match the increasing energy need of the beam, up to the final extraction level.


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