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Acetylacetone photodynamics at a seeded free-electron laser

The unique combination of high intensity and energy resolution of the FERMI seeded free-electron laser (FEL) provided exceptionally detailed information about the photoexcitation-deexcitation and fragmentation dynamics of acetylacetone in pump-probe experiments on the 50-femtosecond time scale.
R.J. Squibb et al., Nature Communications 9, 63 (2018)
Electron and ion spectra of acetylacetone have been measured after pumping at 261 nm and probing with the FERMI monochromatic beam at 19.23 eV, up to a total pump-probe delay of 200 picoseconds. The negligible photon energy jitter at FERMI and the resulting high energy resolution, together with the high intensity, provide electron spectra with unprecedented quality, allowing us to monitor the time evolution of the photoexcited species through several well-characterized steps. The ultrafast photodynamics of acetylacetone has been elucidated in great detail with the aid of state-of-the-art static and dynamics calculations. Similarities and contradictions with previous data sets are underlined.

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Squibb Richard, Sapuna Marin, Ponzi Aurora, Richter Robert, Kivimaki Antti, Plekan Oksana, Finetti Paola, Sisourat Nicolas, Zhaunerchyk Vitali, Marchenko Tatiana, Journel Loic, Guillemin Renaud, Cucini Riccardo, Coreno Marcello, Grazioli Cesare, Di Fraia Michele, Callegari Carlo, Prince Kevin Charles, Decleva Piero, Simon Marc, Eland John H. D., Doslic Nada, Feifel Raimund, Piancastelli Maria Novella
Nature Communications 9, 63 (2018)

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