Deep neural networks for classifying complex features in diffraction images

This work provides a general introduction on the capabilities of neural networks and provide results on the first domain adaption of neural networks for the use case of diffraction images as input data. J. Zimmermann et al. Physical Review E 99, 063309 (2019)
 The capsule-shaped particles
Here we present the setup, our modifications, and the training process of the deep neural network for diffraction image classification and its systematic bench marking. We find that deep neural networks significantly outperform previous attempts for sorting and classifying complex diffraction patterns and are a significant improvement for the much-needed assistance during postprocessing of large amounts of experimental coherent diffraction imaging data.

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Zimmermann Julian, Langbehn Bruno, Cucini Riccardo, Di Fraia Michele, Finetti Paola, LaForge Aaron, Nishiyama Toshiyuki, Ovcharenko Yevheniy, Piseri Paolo, Plekan Oksana, Prince Kevin Charles, Stienkemeier Frank, Ueda Kiyoshi, Callegari Carlo, Moeller Thomas, Rupp Daniela
Physical Review E 99, 063309 (2019)
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.99.063309

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