Conceptual Design Reports

CDR chapter 14 - Civil Engineering

The FERMI@Elettra project requires the excavation and construction of several new buildings to house the accelerator, FEL’s, Experimental area and associated offices and laboratories. These new infrastructures will be furnished and supplied with conventional systems. Furthermore the project will use  most of the existing well-established infrastructures at ELETTRA as a development platform. The project will evolve from the existing infra-structure that houses the storage ring linac injector. This will require a physical extension of the present linac tunnel in both upstream and downstream directions, excavation and construction of the FEL and experimental hall. New conventional systems will be provided as will upgrading of the existing ones.
The linac is situated below ground at a depth of ~5 m in a tunnel 110 m long. The linac tunnel will be extended backwards by an additional ~80 m for a total length of 195 m and a surface area of ~750 m2.
The tunnel will conform to health physics regulations. Adjacent to this backward extension a laboratory area will be built up that will serve for the laser systems used by the Linac. This area, at the same depth as the linac, will also house support laboratories and storage rooms. The control room for the FEL will be situated at ground level approximately midway along the accelerator. The surface building (Klystron gallery) housing the RF power sources and ancillary equipment for the linac will also be extended above the tunnel to the same length.

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