Conceptual Design Reports

CDR chapter 15 - Radiation Protection

The main goals of Radiation Protection are to evaluate the ionizing radiation sources produced in the linac and undulator tunnel and in the beamline hutches, to estimate the needed biological shielding barriers and to adopt appropriate safety systems for personnel protection.
In the design of the shielding for FERMI, the different sources of ionizing radiation produced inside the accelerator tunnel have been considered. The radiation intensity depends strongly on the electron beam energy and current and is related to the beam loss frequency and distribution inside the machine.
The evaluation of the shielding thickness has been performed on the basis of semi-empirical expressions available from the literature and that have been validated by experimental measurements performed at ELETTRA during radiation protection surveys.
The goals of dose limits for the various areas around the facility (free, supervised, and controlled areas) are lower than those established by Italian regulations in compliance with the European/Euratom directives.
According to our project goals, only the linac and undulator tunnel will be classified as controlled area. The undulator Service Area and seeding laser room will be considered supervised areas while the experimental hall outside the beamline hutch will be a free access area. Only personnel involved in machine operation will be classified as radiation workers and will be monitored using personal dosimeters. The experimental users will be not classified from the radiation protection  point of view.
Radiation monitoring outside the tunnels will be based on passive dosimeters and on a network of active gamma and neutron detectors located at various points of the experimental hall and of the undulator Service Area. Similarly to the ELETTRA storage ring, radiation monitors will be connected to the radiation safety system and beamlines operation will be prevented if predetermined gamma doserate thresholds is exceeded.

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