MNCL Instrumentation

The experimental UHV ESCALAB system:

  • modified VG Escalab II equipped with an X-ray source
  • UV-lamp
  • electron gun
  • LEED/Auger Specs

The listed instrumentation allow to perform electron spectroscopy investigations like XPS, UPS, EELS and Auger)

Picture of the UHV STM system available in the Micro-Nano-Carbon Lab.
  • a load-lock chamber for fast entry of samples and tips;
  • a preparation chamber with Sputter-Gun, LEED, Manipulator Heating Stage (up to 900 °C), Quartz micro-balance, custom made evaporators for metals and molecules. (Click to read live pressure and temperature...)
  • an Omicron RT AFM/STM driven by APE-Research Electronics
In the MNC Lab is also available an air STM, APE-Research mini-head (see more details at equipped with a low current preamplifier.





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