MNCL Research Activity

MNCL Activity/Projects

  • FIRB starting grant (2001-2004) [A. Goldoni]
  • MIUR PRIN Projects (2006 and 2008)[A. Goldoni]
  • Regional Project FVG AMBIOSEN: sensors with nanostructures (2007) [A. Goldoni]

  • Municipal Milano Project PROLIFE: sensors with nanotubes (2008) [A. Goldoni]

  • ESA Project: nanotube based tapes (2010) [L. Gregoratti]

  • EU Project ENIAC ERG: solar cells (2010) [A. Goldoni]
  • Regional Project POR: concentrated photovoltaics (2010) [A.Goldoni]
  • FIRB Giovani SUPRACARBON: Chiral Structures for energy applications (2011) [G. Di Santo]

  • FIRB di programma NANOSOLAR: photocatalytic nanosystems for artificial photosynthesis (2011) [A. Goldoni]
Contracts with external companies: Eurand, Tocchio, Sim2, Honeywell, A.P.E. Research, BRACCO.


Research fields

  • Experimental methods for the characterization of functionalized surfaces
  • Photoemission and X-ray absorption on thin molecular layers on metal surfaces
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • Single molecule experiments
  • Atomic Force Microscopy: Imaging and Force Spectroscopy
  • CVD growth of Carbon Nanostructures
  • Electrochemical growth of oxide nanostructures

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Research @ MNCL

The MNCL group has a strong interest in selected topics in surface science. The recent activity, in the framework of the aforementioned projects involving part or all of the laboratory staff, has been related to the surface characterization of metal (crystalline Ag, Au, Cu, Fe) and semiconductor (crystalline Si, nanostructured TiOx) surfaces before and after the deposition of organic molecules  like porphyrins, C60, picene etc...
Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes is another topic of interest. The carbon nanotubes are studied as possible chemical sensors, signal wires and mechanical adhesives.

The experimental team routinely participates in experiments performed at the Elettra beamlines, in particular at the ALOISA, BaDElPh, BACH and SuperESCA . The experiments are often complemented by density functional theory calculations performed by external groups, in particular at SISSA, ICTP, IOM-CNR DEMOCRITOS and EMPA (Switzerland).

Furthermore, the group is carrying out collaborative research with several groups affiliated to well-known Universities and Research Institutions, in Italy and worldwide (see the collaborations section).

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