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Micro and Nano Carbon Laboratory Home

The Micro- and Nano-Carbon is a support laboratory at Elettra, born in 2004 granted by the MIUR with the FIRB project "Micro & Nano strutture a base di Carbonio". As his name implies, one of its main activity is related to the study and preparation of carbon nanotubes and other carbon based organic molecules. This facility has been developed within the role of off-line laboratory for samples preparation and analysis before using the beamlines. In general, to perform experiments at Elettra is expensive and the available time is limited. In this view it is desirable to prepare a synchrotron experiment by making preliminary measurements with conventional light sources, which is often useful to justify the request for use of synchrotron light.
Since 2005 more than 30 students have carried out experimental work at the Micro-Nano Carbon Laboratory in preparation of their master degree thesis in Physics or Chemistry, as well as in the framework of their PhD programs in collaboration with several Universities and ICTP. Also, since 2009 the Laboratory hosts part of the experimental activities of the course Laboratorio di Fisica Sperimentale for the Laurea Magistrale in Physics at the University of Trieste.

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By construction, the laboratory is equipped with various experimental systems for surface preparation and caracterization that can help users during or before a beamtime. These systems consist of a sample preparation system supported by a high-temperature plasma enhanced CVD apparatus, a system for photoemission (XPS and UPS), LEED and EELS, a STM microscope working in air, a UHV RT-STM microscope. Furthermore the facility shares, in collaboration with another Lab at Elettra (NanoLab), an AFM microscope system equipped with surface capaciance and work function measurements modules.

The laboratory is also available to italian and foreign students who spend part of their studies at Elettra often introducing in the lab new research topics.

The laboratory team work consists of:

  • short measurements (few days) carried out as a support of other labs/beamilnes at Elettra, or at other research institutions;
  • experiments related to long-term projects lead by the internal team or related to the staging external students course of study.
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