Here is a list of  our projects:

Running Projects 
Analysis and development of systems and technologies for FERMI@Elettra beamline and enstation controls, acquisition, automatisation, storage, processing, curation and remote access.

Support to the maintenance of ELETTRA beamlines (daily and on-call) and developments to improve the operations of the accelerator.

Participation to the project whose objective is to update the enterprise ERP and its connection to the other legacy software for the managemen of scientific business.

ExPaNDS is the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Photon and Neutron Data Service.The ambitious ExPaNDS project is a collaboration between 10 national Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures (PaN RIs) as well as EGI. The project aims to deliver standardised, interoperable, and integrated data sources and data analysis services for Photon and Neutron facilities.

The Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud (PaNOSC) is a European project for making FAIR data a reality in 6 European Research Infrastructures (RIs), developing and providing services for scientific data and connecting these to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Projects Portfolio
It is a EU Support Action focusing on standardisation activities forming an indispensible basis for interdisciplinary, pan-European data and user management, data analysis and long term preservation.

The PaNdata Open Data Infrastructure project (PaNdataODI) will develop, deploy and operate an Open Data Infrastructure across the participating facilities with user and data services which support the tracing of provenance of data, preservation, and scalability through parallel access. It will be instantiated through three virtual laboratories supporting powder diffraction, small angle scattering and tomography.

Participation to the FVG region funded project for Grid based environmental monitoring related to the develpment and exploit of the of the new generation PM10 designed and developed by the company.

Participation to the FVG region funded project to implement a Service Oriented Infrastructure for Imaging.

Participation to the EC funded project DORII (Deployment of Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure). It is a mix of middleware development, infrastructure support, application development in particulare online processing of experimental data for the SAXS, SYRMEP and XRD1 beamline and related demos.

Participation to the EC funded project GRIDCC (Grid enabled Remote Instrumentation with Distributed Control and Computation. The project that defined the concept of Instrument Element, another basic element of the Grid.

Participation to the EC ounded project EUROTeV, the design study of the International Linear Collider (ILC) and in particular to the workpackage related to remote operations for the Global Accelerator Networks.

Participation to the BIOXHIT EC funded project. BIOXHIT stands for Biocrystallography (X) on a Highly Integrated Technology Platform for European Structural Genomics.

Participation to the EC funded project IA-SFS/JRA1/WP1 to design a User Infrastructure Platform in Europe for Protein Crystallography

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