Licensed products

Original Equipment Manufacturer



Elettra'scompact user friendly AH501B Picoammetercovers the whole acquisition, counting and digitization chain and it greatly complements the Alibava’s Silicon Transmission Photodiode. Alibava’s S. L. decided to market the two products together and thus offer to its users a complete beam position and intensity monitor solution.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer



Elettra 3D (x, y, t) Cross Delay-Line Detector allows forobtaining the position through time information, i.e. by calculating the time between the start and stop signals coming from the anode ends, enhanced by the possibility to correlate each event with external triggers.The product was customised to be mounted on the ScientaOmicron G.m.B.Hanalysers. The two products together offer a complete solution to the end user.

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Licensed know how: Caenels



A right to manufacture, market and sell licensed products (as well as to develop new products on the basis of transferred know-how) was given to Caenels s. r. l. for some of Elettra power supplies and picoamperometric measurement systems.

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Partnership for innovation: Instrumentation Technologies

instrumentation technologies


A partnership agreement was signed with Slovenian high-tech company Instrumentation Technologies d.o.oThe two parties are combining their expertise and know-how in research, development and production of electron beam position measurement electronics, with the goal of installing an innovative measurement system consisting of 200 Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) in the new Elettra 2.0. storage ring.

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