COVID-19 Elettra Rapid Access proposals

COVID-19 Rapid access - submission procedure

Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste aims to actively contribute to COVID-19 research, giving special priority to urgent Coronavirus specific research projects. Researchers from all over the world have now the possibility to remotely access a group of relevant Elettra/FERMI beamlines, where to perform their experiments on a priority basis.
In order to submit a proposal, please log in the Elettra VUO (Virtual Unified Office) and select the link Rapid Access proposal related to COVID-19 research. 
New users are required to register in the VUO, following the instructions.
Information on the evaluation procedure for COVID-19 Rapid access and beamtime awarding process is available below.
If you have questions about the online submission process please contact:
If you have questions about the technical feasibility of the proposal, please contact the coordinators of the beamlines participating in the program:
  • XRD1 - Maurizio Polentarutti
  • XRD2 - Annie Heroux
  • MCX - Jasper Plaisier
  • SISSI-Bio - Lisa Vaccari
  • SYRMEP - Giuliana Tromba
  • TWINMIC - Alessandra Gianoncelli 
  • IUVS - Barbara Rossi , Claudio Masciovecchio
  • FERMI - Claudio Masciovecchio

COVID-19 Rapid access - evaluation procedure and beamtime awarding process

The proposal scientific review process will take up to 5 working days, following the workflow described here:
  • Technical and Safety Feasibility: proposal is reviewed by the beamline staff in collaboration with H&S. 
  • Scientific Evaluation: proposal is reviewed by the COVID-19 Rapid Access Scientific Panel 
 COVID-19 Rapid Access Scientific Panel members
  • Dr. Giorgio Paolucci, CSO
  • Dr. Lisa Vaccari
  • Dr. Andrea Locatelli
  • Dr. Claudio Masciovecchio
  • Scientific coordinator(s) of the beamline(s) to which the proposal has been submitted
  • External experts will be consulted when needed, also concerning ethical issues.
Allocation: Depending on the number of proposals received and beamline workload, beamtime will be granted to the highest possible number of eligible proposals. Eligibility will be assessed based on scientific merit and safety considerations.

Notification: At the conclusion of the review process, the proposer will receive an email from the VUO notifying the decision of the Panel.

Shipping your sample: please follow carefully the instructions!
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