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FERMI Call For Proposals

This is the seventh Call for users experiments at the FERMI FEL-1 and FEL-2 at Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A. In particular, concerning the photon beam parameters and the experimental conditions for FEL-2, please kindly check the photon beam parameters table and the information as reported on the FERMI web page and the VUO portal for proposals submission.
Four new facilities will be available:





Proposals deadline postponed to October 25th, 2017

 On-line submission using the Virtual Users Office (VUO) at the following URL: https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/.

Proposals that require 3 to 6 shifts with FEL and End-Stations parameters within the configurations defined in the following table will be given priority to be scheduled in the last run of 2018 (29 September – 21 December).

Configuration Energy (eV) Polarization User Laser (nm)
1 14 - 25 LH CR CL 795(±3),397(±2),265(±1)
2 20 - 50 LH CR CL 795(±3),397(±2),265(±1)
3 40 - 70 LH CR CL 795(±3),397(±2),265(±1)
4 40 - 70 LH CR CL 795(±3),397(±2),265(±1)
5 70 - 90 LH CR CL 795(±3),397(±2),265(±1)

For all Configurations:
1)    Rep Rate will be 50 Hz.
2)    FEL will be always producing a single color.
3)    No additional user’s equipment will be installed on the end-station.
4)    User Laser Energy E and time duration Δt per pulse: @795 nmE=1500 μJ Δt=70 fs, @397 nmE=400μJ Δt=90 fs, @265 nmE=50μJ Δt=120 fs (configuration 5 will imply a 10% longer pulse duration)

End-Stations parameters:

DIPROI (Configurations: 1,2,3,4,5)
(a)  Transmission geometry mini-Timer setup with FEL crossing angle between 3 and 10 deg. Optical transmitted and reflected beam can be recorded at the same time.
(b)  FEL based scattering experiment in transmission and reflection geometry (maximum 2Theta angle 90°)  with limited capabilities, i.e. eventually needed optical pump will be at 45° with respect to the FEL beam.
(c)   Optical transmission and reflection (fixed incidence angle 45°) from samples pumped by FEL pulses. Possibility to detect optical laser polarization can be provided.
Only fix magnetic field using permanent magnet on the sample holder will be available for configuration (1-3).
LDM (Configurations: 1,2,3,4,5)
Detector: magnetic bottle.
Source: Parker valve, or high-temperature E-L valve, or cryogenic E-L valve; no pickup cells.
Safety restrictions on sample (toxic, flammable, etc.) may apply.
TIMEX (Configurations: 1,2,3,4,5)
Single-shot pump-probe setup (TR-XAS, TR-VIS absorption, TR-EUV reflectivity …). Super continuum set-up is available to probe sample reflectivity.
MAGNEDYN (Configurations: 5)
Cryomagnet (0-2Tesla; 12-300 Kelvin) and time resolved-MOKE setup (800-400nm); RIXS end-station (only if static synchrotron based RIXS measurements are already available). Sample preparation: in-situ optically thin metallic film deposition.
(Configurations: 1,2)
Transient grating with optical probe (transient UV diffraction or Faraday rotation)

(Configurations: 3,4,5)
Transient grating with optical probe (Faraday rotation)

(Configurations: 3,4)
Transient grating with FEL probe or non-collinear FEL-pump/FEL-probe
(Fixed probe wavelength - 17.8 nm) 


Eligibile FERMI users can apply for EU support from LASERLAB-EUROPE and CALIPSOplus.

Useful info

Guidelines for proposal evaluation

Available beamlines

Here your will find details about the Beam Parameters, photon diagnostics, beamlines and end-stations.

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