During your stay

Before your arrival - After your beamtime

Working at the beamlines

Emergency management, useful numbers, information on safety....
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Services at Elettra

All you need to know about the services you will find here: access to the internet, library, banking and canteen.
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New route to the Canteen

Starting from February 16th there will be a new entrance for the route to the Canteen/bar, passing from the T1 and T2 buildings. 
In order to go to the canteen/bar you will have to go to the ground floor and follow the indications. You will have to pass through a turnstile, therefore remember to bring your access badge and green pass with you.
The former T1 building entrance will no longer be available: the doors will be alarmed and usage will be allowed only in case of emergency.

PLEASE NOTE: users with NON EU vaccinations that are recognized as equivalent to the ones administered in the National Strategic Vaccination Plan for the prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 infection
can be recognised and accepted by the Security Staff at the Main Entrance, even if the correspondent QR code cannot be read by the Elettra access control system. However, if they exit the Facility for any circumstance (i.e. to go to the Elettra bar/canteen), they will always have to re-enter through the Main Entrance again (no other access route can be used)

Trieste at a glance

In this section you will find useful information and telephone numbers for your stay in Trieste.
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