Elettra Collaboration Calendar

Common operations

Create a new event

To create a new event it is possible to:

  • click on the "New Appointment" button at the top-left of the screen;
  • double click on the Calendar panel;
  • drag on a day/time on the Calendar panel (the starting and ending times are automatically set this way).
Whatever the method, a "new event" window appears.

calendar screenshot


The usual options for an event are shown and their meaning should be almost straightforward.
When collaborating with other people it is very useful to invite them to events. To accomplish this task it is possible to enter their names/email addresses in the "Attendees" input box. Please note that the "Scheduler" area can help choosing a good time slot (matching with appointments already set in the system).
Two checkboxes are quite important here:
  • Private: if set, the contents of this event are hidden from people this calendar is shared to
  • Email: in case it's set, the Reminder will also be sent via email (otherwise you get a popup in the MARCoNI-Z web page). To configure the notification_address click the "Configure" option.
When ready remember to use the top left buttons:
  • Send: to send email notification to attendees
  • Save: to save the data
  • Close: to exit this screen with no saving

Create a new calendar

The grey gear to the right of the "Calendars" section allows you to create a new calendar.
From there, it is necessary to give a name and a colour to the new creating calendar.

And, voilĂ , the new calendar appears in the calendars list:

Now it is possible to set some properties and eventually share the calendar with other people.
To access all these options, click on the small triangle to the right of the calendar's name:

Note that with Export/Import you can do those operations to/from iCal files (interchangable to Google calendar and many other standard services).

Also, please do not create calendars with spaces in the name (multi-word calendar names) if you want to share it: the CalDAV client application could have problems in dealing with such names.

Share a calendar

It is possible to search for people (or groups!) in the directory to share the calendar with, just start writing down a name to reveal the autocompletion feature.

When a person is invited to a shared calendar it is necessary to accept this share by clicking on the link in the email sent by the system.
This operation is only available in MARCoNI-Z webmail.

To manage (Edit/revoke/resend) any created share, click on the small triangle to the right of a calendar's name, select "Properties". A section "Sharing for this folder" is displayed.

The default settings should be sufficient for most of the needs, so we don't recommend changing these settings. However, for special cases, it is possible to tune the access to any calendar.

Important: do not change the name of a shared calendar, otherwise external calendar clients will need to resubscribe to that calendar
Also, do not create shared calendars with spaces in the name (multi-word calendar names): the CalDAV client application could have problems in dealing with such names.


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