Elettra Collaboration Calendar

Mobile Clients


For Android-based devices, there are various options to sync the Android calendar to the Elettra Calendar, including:

However, all these programs are not free from the Google Play Store, even if some are Open Source.
Fortunately there are alternative download sites or markets like Fdroid (be sure to check the "Allow Unknown Sources" checkbox under the security settings to install the Fdroid apk):

  • DAVx5 (formerly DAVdroid)
  • aCalDAV (older app, less updates available)

Tests have been successfully performed with DAVx5. To configure a DAVx5 account for your calendars use the "Login with URL and user name" with these data:
option , just use the UniPass credentials and the basic URL

Base URL:  https://mail.elettra.eu/dav/name.surname@elettra.eu/
User name: <name>.<surname>@elettra.eu    (e.g.: zaphod.beeblebrox@elettra.eu)
Password:  <your UniPass account password>

Apple iOS Devices

Apple iOS devices (v4.0 and later) are supported natively by Zimbra for calendars, tasks (reminders) and contacts.


BlackBerry 10 devices can use the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols, well supported by the Elettra Calendar.

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 June 2021 15:23