Elettra Collaboration Calendar

Using an external calendar client (CalDAV)

Depending to the particular application you will need a particular URL for the calendar, which can be one of the following:

  1. Server URL, this is the easiest (e.g. Android with DAVx5): https://mail.elettra.eu
  2. Account URL (e.g. Mac OS/iOS): https://mail.elettra.eu/dav/<name>.<surname>@elettra.eu
  3. Calendar URL: (e.g. Thunderbird/Lightning): https://mail.elettra.eu/dav/<name>.<surname>@elettra.eu/<Calendarname>

How to get a Calendar URL

Log in into MARCoNI-Z webmail, go to "Calendars" and open the Share properties of the chosen calendar (as explained in the "share a calendar" section of this guide). Please note the three URLs at the bottom. Right click on the first link (ICS) and copy the link to the clipboard. Paste it into a text editor, you'll get something like this:


Now, it's important to operate two changes:

  • change the word "home" to "dav"
  • remove the trailing ".ics" at the end of the URL
You'll get something like this:

In this case, for the "WorkingGroup" calendar, the correct URL is:


(with a generic "name.surname")

Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning

Thunderbird is one of the most popular email clients (or Mail User Agents, MUA) available. It's free, Open Source, multiplatform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.).

Lightning is a Thunderbird Add-on that enables integration with a calendar server like the Elettra Calendar. Starting from Thunderbird version 38, this add-on is preinstalled, so it's not necessary to manually install it.

From the main Thunderbird screen it is possible to see the Lightning part (rightmost area, tasks and events, plus the two icons/buttons above it - new event/task).

To subscribe to a calendar of a user of the Elettra Collaboration Calendar it is necessary to start from the "Create a new calendar" feature, then choose the "On the Network" option.

On the next screen, the right option is "CalDAV"; the Location text box is where to paste the calendar's CalDAV URL (obtained following the instructions here above). The "Offline Support" comes in hand when wanting to keep the calendar data even when not connected to the Internet.

The next screen can be used to set the (local) calendar name (WorkingGroup in this example), its events colour, whether to show reminders from Thunderbird and which email address will be used when sending (manual) notifications to attendees.

By pressing "Next" and, then, "Finish", Lightning will configure the subscription to the calendar and ask for the credentials needed to access it.

After that, the calendar will appear in Lightning and can be used as the local ones.

Apple Calendar (iCal)

Within iCal, it is necessary to go into System Preferences > Internet Accounts and then click on the Add Other Account... option.

Then choose the CalDAV account option

At this point it's very important to select the "Manual" Account type and input the following data (don't specify any particular calendar name here)

The picture above displays the needed information to be set for the subscription.

Account Type: must be Manual
User Name: your full UniPass account (name.surname@elettra.eu)
Password: your UniPass password
Server Address: this must be the first part of a calendar's CalDAV URL, up to the username:
After pressing "Sign In", this calendar account will be visible in the Preferences window of the Calendar App.
All calendars available on the server will be linked in one step.
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