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XRD1 Specifications

X-rays at sample

Energy range 4-21 keV
Photon Flux 1012-1013 ph/sec
Beam Size at sample 0.7 x 0.2 mm2 FWHM (unconstricted; precision slits for beam shaping)
Angular divergence 2.3 mrad x 0.3 mrad FWHM



Type Insertion Device: NdBFe Multipole Wiggler (Hybrid linear)
Section 5.2
Gap 22 mm
Poles 57
Period 140 mm
N. of periods 3 x 9.5
B0 1.607 T
Ec 4.27 keV
K 21
Source Size FWHM   2.0 x 0.37mm
Power (9mrad)   8.2 kW






Collimating Mirror

Cilindrical Mirror with 50 nm Pt-coating
Radius (calculated) = 14.8 km
Distance from source = 21873 mm
Incidence angle = 3 mrad


Fixed exit Double Crystal Si111 with LN2 cloosed loop cooling
Distance from source = 24059 mm
Energy range = 4-21 keV
Energy resolution = 10-4 for routine experiments and MAD experiments
Fine tuning with piezo actuator; feedback from 4-quadrant ion chamber
Focusing mirror Toridal Mirros with 50 nm Pt-coating
Tangential radius = 9.31 km
Sagittal radius = 55.27 mm
Distance from source = 28018 mm
Incidence angle = 3 mrad




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