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XRD1 Specifications

Main Setup 

Gonimeter Type Huber Kappa Goniometer
Circle Axis Omega - Kappa - Phi - 2Theta (for detector) 
Two rotational stages assembled together in a 60° kappa geometry. 
A further circle rotates the Kappa unit around a horizontal axis.
Linear Axis XYZ-stage on top of Phi for the fine adjustment of the sample
Sphere of Confusion 20 µm
Standard Configurations Left (Kappa = 0) for data collection
Top (Kappa = -109.471 Omega = -125.264) for sample mounting
Bottom (Kappa = 109.471 Omega = 54.736) for grazing incidence experiments
Alignment Base 5 axis Optical Table for alignment of the Goniometer with Beam with feedback from 4-quadrants Ion Chambers (internally developed)
XYZ-stage with standard mount according to ACA/IUC for Huber/Hampton standard goniometer heads
Motor and signal currents are transmitted via slip rings enabling unrestricted kappa and phi rotation.


Goniometer Heads XYZ Standard; XYZ Short Standard; XYRyRx
Magnetic base or Brass specimen pin
Additional Stage XZTheta additional stage (used in general for High Pressure Cell alignment)
Temperature Control Oxford Cryostrem 700: N2 laminar flow for temperature range 80 – 400 K
Sample Changer Internally developed

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