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XRD1 Specifications

Dectris Pilatus 2M (Main Detector)

Type CMOS hybrid-pixel technology operating in single-photon-counting mode
3 x 8 Modules
Sensor Si 320 µm thick (room temperature; water circuit)
Pixel Size 172 x 172 µm2
Point-spread function 1 pixel
Format 1475 x 1679 = 2476525 pixels
Area 254 x 289 mm2
Distance from sample 82 - 1060 mm
Intermodule gap x: 7 pixels, y: 17 pixels, 8.0% of total area
Dynamic Range 20 bits (1:1,048,576)
Readout time 3.6 ms (frame rate 30 Hz)
Adjustable threshold range 2- 20 keV (energy resolution 500 eV)
Energy range 3 - 30 keV  (quantum efficiency: 3 keV 80%; 8 keV 99%; 15 keV 55%)
Counting rate per pixel > 2 x 106 X-ray/s
Data Formats CBF (mosflm, xds); TIF (fit2d, AreaDiffractionMachine)

MarResearch MarCCD 165 (offline, on 2theta Goniometer arm)

Type Single CCD, single fiber-optic sensor
Sensor CCD 61mm x 61mm; 4096 x 4096 15μm pixels (-70°C)
Fiber-optic Taper Demagnification Ratio 2.7:1
Pixel Size (image) 79.1685 μm (2048 x 2048, 2x2 binning)
Point-spread function 100 μm FWHM (Phosphor 40μm thick)
Active Imaging Surface Round, 165mm diameter (21,000mm²)
Distance from sample 60 - 565 mm, mounted on the 2theta arm of the huber goniometer
Readout Electronics 4-channel readout; 16-bit ADCs
Readout Time 2.5 s (x2 binning)
Readout Noise
13e⁻/pixel @ 2.5 sec readout
Dark Current <0.01e⁻/pixel/sec @ 2048 x 2048 pixels
DQE Up to 0.8 for 8KeV to 12keV radiation
Sensitivity (Gain) 6e⁻/12keV photon
Full Well Capacity 400,000e-/pixel = 51,000 12keV photons/pixel @ 2048 x 2048 pixels
Data Format mccd (mosflm, xds, fit2d, AreaDiffractionMachine)

Amptek X-123 SSD

Type Fluorescence
Sensor Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for X-Ray detection (500 µm)
Detector size 25 mm2
Electronic Noise (typical) 73 eV FWHM (8.7 e- rms)
FWHM 55Fe 5.9 keV peak 125-140 eV

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