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Other Useful Numbers/Collaborators  (extension):
Magazzino e Ricevimento Merci   Elettra 8068 8637 8251
Main Gate Entrance Gate Emergency 8247 
User Office Michela Bassanese, Letizia Pierandrei (phonebook)
Fulvio Parmigiani: 8428

Marco Zangrando: 8831
Federico Salvador/Paolo Bertoch (mechanical workshop): 8815
Sandro Pertot (vacum/hydraulics workshop): 8597
Luigi Stebel (Sincrotrone Trieste, Labview software development and Time-resolved XAS):  8310
Alessandro Barla (ISM-CNR, XMCD): 040 9220017
Federico Cilento,Marco Malvestuto ,Toni Caretta (Sincrotrone Trieste):  (T-REX Laser for time resolved XAS) (+39) 040-375-8484/8461, 8462, 8802
Fulvio Billè, Michele Turcinovich, Roberto Borghes, Valentina Chenda: (BCS group): 8357, 8024, 8063


  • Elettra emergency number: 040 375 [8333] http://www.elettra.eu/it/activities/spp/sicurezza.html
  • Tell what's wrong to the personnel at the Entrance Gate (Portineria): dial 040 375 [8247].
  • Ask for help from your colleagues at the closest beamlines or call the Control Room 040 375 [8262/8263]
  • Responsabile Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione Flavio Bavdaz 040 375 [ 8437 ] 335 7551663 [ #89755 ] 
  • Medical Emergency Call the First Aid at the closest Hospital, Cattinara: dial 0 and then 118.

Reaching Cattinara Hospital

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Former Members  and Students

Politecnico di Milano
Dr. Marco Finazzi

Elettra, T-REX Laboratory
Dr. Michele Zacchigna

Elettra, Nanospectroscopy beamline
Dr. Tevfik Onur Menteş  

UC Davies
Dr. Tommaso Pardini

Soleil-beamline SEXTANT
Dr. Alessandro Nicolaou  

University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Dr. Emanuela Carleschi

Elettra, Sincrotrone Trieste-Helmholtz Centrum Berlin
Dr. Mikhail Yablonskikh  

Elettra, Sincrotrone Trieste-FERMI
Dr. Marco Malvestuto  

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