Scienta R3000: non-linear intensity scale

KolXPD has a function to correct detector non-linearity once the calibration file is provided

  1. Make sure the spectra are measured in swept, angular, angle-integrated mode and saved as txt files.
  2. Set following Load options, keep the line with the calibration file path empty in this step.


  1.  Open spectrum in KolXPD
  2.  Multiply the spectrum by the Io value. (If Io signal was recorded, the normalization to Io must be turned back before appying the non-linearity calibration curve).
  1. Go to Operations → Correction for non-linearity - calibration wave

  1. Select file with the calibration data (IntensityCalibration2022.txt or IntensityCalibration2015.txt for older data), then click OK.

  1. Normalize to Io (Divede by the Io value).

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 June 2022 10:14