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BaDElPh Specifications


General Properties
Beamline Energy Resolution3 * 10-1 [meV] @ 9 [eV]
6 * 10-1 [meV] @ 23 [eV]
1 [meV] @ 31 [eV]
Beamline Resolving Power3 * 10-5 [deltaE/E] @ 9 [eV]
2 * 10-5 [deltaE/E] @ 23 [eV]
3 * 10-5 [deltaE/E] @ 31 [eV]
Beamline Energy Range5 - 40 [eV]
Max Flux On Sample6 * 1012 [ph/s] @ 9 [eV]
2 * 1012 [ph/s] @ 23 [eV]
1 * 1012 [ph/s] @ 31 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor300 - 400 [um]
Spot Size On Sample Vert10 - 400 [um]
Angle Of Incidence Light On Sample Value20 - 110 [degrees]
Control And Data Analysis
Control Software TypeLabVIEW, SpecsLab2
Data Output TypeSpectra, images
Data Output FormatText, Igor, sp2 formats
Softwares For Data AnalysisIgor Pro

Photon Sources

Figure-8 undulator

Available PolarizationLinear horizontal, Linear vertical
Variable PolarizationYes
Energy Range5 - 50 [eV]
Number Of Periods32
Period140 [mm]

Additional Lightsources

VUV source

TypeHe discharge lamp
Central Wavelength/Energy21 [eV]
Beam shapeGaussian

x-ray source

TypeLamp based on x-ray fluorescence of Al and Mg solid targets
Central Wavelength/Energy1253 [eV]
Beam shapeGaussian


NIM monochromator

Energy Range5 - 40 [eV]
Type4-m-long normal incidence monochromator (NIM) with a constant included angle of 5°
Resolving Power3 * 10-5 [deltaE/E] @ 9 [eV]
Number Of Gratings3
Grating Type1) Al/MgF2 grating with 1500 l/mm, laminar profile, photon energy range 4.6-13 eV.
2) SiC grating with 3000 l/mm, laminar profile, photon energy range 15-19 eV.
3) Pt grating with 3000 l/mm, blaze profile, photon energy range 14-40 eV.
Pre-focusing Mirror TypeSpherical mirror. The bare silicon portion of the surface of the mirror is used for photon energies up to about 13 eV while the reflectivity of the Pt-coated part is suitable for higher photon energies.
Refocusing Mirror TypeGold-coated toroidal mirror.

Other Optics

Switching mirror

DescriptionThe silicon plane-switching mirror deflects the radiation from the Figure-8 undulator from the IUVS beamline toward the BaDElPh branch.

Endstations or Setup


DiffractometerOmicron SPECTALEED low enery electron diffraction (LEED) optics
SpectrometerSPECS Phoibos 150 hemispherical electron analyzer with a 2D-CCD detector
Base Pressure2 * 10-11 [mbar]
Detectors Available2D-CCD imaging detector
Endstation OperativeYes
Sample TypeCrystal
Other Sample TypePolicrystal, thin film, powder
Mounting TypeFixed on home-made sample flag
Required Sample SizeX = 10 [mm], Y = 10 [mm], Z = 8 [mm]
X = 1 [mm], Y = 1 [mm], Z = 0.1 [mm]
Manipulator or Sample stage
DescriptionThe sample manipulator has five degree of freedom (xyz translations, polar and azimuthal rotational axes). It is based on a open-cycle helium cryostat (ARS LT-3M), is fully motorized (by stepper motors for the polar rotation and xyz translations and by the piezo motor for the azimuthal rotation), and it can be remotely controlled.
The temperature can be measured by a calibrated C-type thermocouple and by a standard silicon diode (DT-470) installed next to the sample and on the cold finger, respectively. The head of the cryostat includes also a cartridge heater allowing a remote control of the temperature in the range 5-400 K.
Degrees Of Freedom5
Translator Stages3
Positioning PrecisionX = 5 [um], Y = 5 [um], Z = 5 [um]
Range Of MovementX = 50 [mm], Y = 50 [mm], Z = 600 [mm]

Sample Environment
DescriptionThe Experimental or Analysis chamber is in mu-metal and houses the electron energy analyzer, a SPECS Phoibos 150 with a 2D-CCD detector system, a high-intensity VUV source (He, Omicron HIS 13), a conventional X-ray source (Al & Mg, PSP TX400), a low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) optics (Omicron SpectaLEED), a home-made gas-cell, and a residual gas analyzer (SRS RGA200). It is connected through a valve to the UHV Preparation chamber.
Pressure (min)2 * 10-11 [mbar]
Pressure (Max)1 * 10-7 [mbar]
Temperature10 - 400 [K]

Fast-entry lock
DescriptionIn the fast-entry chamber up to two samples per time can be loaded from air and in about 60 minutes can reach a pressure of about 10^-6 mbar. It is connected through a valve to the UHV Heater chamber.
Pressure (min)2 * 10-7 [mbar]
Pressure (Max)1 * 103 [mbar]

Heater chamber
DescriptionThe Heater chamber houses an electron bombardment heater stage for high-temperature (up to about 2400 K) annealing of the sample and a 7-slot sample flag parking device. It has also several free flanges to mount the needed tools for the required sample preparation (cleavage, scraping, gas treatment, quartz microbalance...) and for UHV in-situ growth of thin films. It is connected through valves to the fast-entry lock and the UHV Preparation chamber.
Pressure (min)3 * 10-10 [mbar]
Pressure (Max)1 * 10-6 [mbar]
Temperature300 - 2400 [K]

DescriptionThe Preparation chamber houses the five degree of freedom liquid-He cryostat manipulator and it is normally equipped with an ion sputter gun (Varian), a quartz microbalance, and a silver evaporator. It has also several free flanges to mount the needed tools for the required sample preparation (cleavage, gas treatment...) and for UHV in-situ growth of thin films. It is connected through valves to the UHV Heater and Analysis chambers.
Pressure (min)3 * 10-11 [bar]
Pressure (Max)1 * 10-6 [bar]
Temperature10 - 400 [K]

Sample Holders
Flag sample holder
Typeheating / cooling devices
DescriptionHome-made sample flag compatible with Omicron- and Specs-like flag sample holders. The Omicron- and Specs-like flag sample holders can be used with a suitable adapter.


2D-CCD imaging detector

TypeCCD sensor
Descriptionby SPECS with PCO PixelFly camera
Time ResolvedYes
Pixel SizeX = 9.9 [um], Y = 9.9 [um]
Array SizeX = 640 [pixel], Y = 480 [pixel]
Passive or Active (Electronics)Active
Dynamic Range1 * 103
Output Readout SoftwareSpecsLab2
Detected ParticleElectron

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