Beamline Description


The furnace provides an atmosphere and temperature controlled environment for powders in capillaries and a temperature controlled environment for thin-film samples. The diffraction patterns are collected on a translating image plate (IP).

furnace is composed of two parts (see fig:1):
i) The main cylindricalvacuum chamber divided by a thermal barrier (i.e. a cupper diaphragm) into a hot room where the heating element is placed and a cold room hosting the sample alignment stage and gas-flow system. The hot room has a aperture for thge incoming beam and a slot on its circumference for the diffracted signal.
ii) The translating detector system constituted where the imaging plate is placed over a magnetic support.
The furnace is on a motorizedd table designed to allow a quick alignment with the incoming beam.

The heating element in the hot room consosts in a resistive filament wrapped around an alumina tube. A k-type thermocouple positioned in the proximity of the sample monitors the temperature feeding back the information to the PID controller. Control software allows to synchronize opening and closing of the shutter, the translation of the imaging plate and the desired temperature conditions (heating ramp, isothermal transformations, radiative cooling...).

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